Milan Affordable Housing Competition

A social residence characterised by quality of living and local typological, as well as distributive and constructive optimization.

Combining these elements, One Works, together with the wider team, developed a design that responded to the complex issues identified by the Housing Contest promoted by the City of Milan, Assimpredil / ANCE, Ordine degli Architetti di Milano and IN / ARCH. The contest aimed to realize affordable housing to the local community that was low cost, low energy and little environmental impact.


The depth of the building - 16 meters - allowed for a compact architectural approach that was able to optimize the relationship between general distribution and surfaces served, ensuring positive impacts in the energetic and distributive solutions.


Particular attention was paid to the flexibility of the composition in which the openings have been defined, always optimizing the relationship between light and air. Air and natural light distinguish every apartment thanks to the open cavities and the naturally lighted stairwells.