AHB Abha Airport in KSA: Passenger Terminal

The new Saudi Arabia Abha Airport design proposal foresees the terminal’s 70.000 m2 floor area organized on two main levels. The assignment, developed in partnership with RVA and EDGE architectural offices, include all phases of the project, from the preliminary master plan up to the executive design for tender, verifying and sharing with the Saudi authorities (GACA) the entire approval process.


During the concept phase, various design configurations evaluated operational needs and responsiveness to functional performance required by the client that among the various aspects envisaged the terminal realized in two different periods.


Besides the spatial quality given to the terminal, operational efficiency played an important part.  To ensure international level services, the driving forces positioned the departure and boarding hall on the upper level while dedicating lobby level for the arrival hall, baggage handling services and luggage reclaim area.


Design: One Works with RVA and EDGE

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