Ancona Bus Terminal and Plaza

An Unfolding Bus Terminal

Piazza Ugo Bassi is a strategic node within Ancona's urban fabric, both in terms of the road system and human relationships network, where diversified patterns and activities co-exist side by side, with different meanings and histories

Due to the elevated number of public transport, passengers, and pedestrians transiting in the area, the plaza had become a "Transit Interchange Hub” for urban and suburban transport. The port's intensified trading activities with Eastern Mediterranean markets reflected the activity present on the square. Subservient to an unsustainable volume of heavy traffic, the life and safety of the public realm was at risk; a design proposal was to resolve all viability issues into a unitary whole.


The proposed solution, starting from the complete revision of circulation patterns, restitutes public space to pedestrians, privileging the collective public transport system and pedestrian mobility, without sacrificing the transit of a significant volume of private vehicles. The particular shape of the artifact that defines the Interchange Hub features a new urban landscape, a pure geometrical element, elliptical shaped, strongly integrated into the context in which it appears. The project introduces a new square within the old square, dedicated to public transportation consenting for a governed traffic roundabout.


Deconstructivism is at the base of the design concept. Fragment enclosures, with large inclined green roofs and glass facades, frame the elliptical plaza. The perception of this urban space is constantly changing from inside out according to the rhythms of traffic and pedestrian flow. The design of marginal spaces, predominantly pedestrian have become very popular places for recreation and stationing. The image is particularly unusual for an Italian square, but the City has welcomed this public place with enthusiasm. 

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