Andermatt Tourist Resort

A Revised Tradition

The Andermatt Area D General Masterplan bears a dual approach interpretation. On one hand, there is the will to respond in the most straightforward way to the questions of accessibility, closed and open spatial quality, flexibility in time, environmental issues, and overall solid building practices. On the other hand, the design tasks look through diverse “lenses”, zooming back and forth from the details to landscape, driven continuously by a strong synthetic attitude, capable of generating a convincing townscape and a high quality natural environment. 

While issues concerning efficiency and their relationship with the open spaces determine the single apartment units, the overall building masses appear as if sculpted from the earth's mass or from a wood block. There is a particular search for the material's innate structure, its “vein”, its inner pattern and rhythm.


The roofline of the housing units along the riverfront facilitates the gradual reading of the physical transition between the apartment units on the west and the cottages on the east. Unfolding their north-south alignment, the loggias overlooking the water pursue the sun's exposure. Commercial functions on the north side of the street, in part, include a hotel and apartment units. Their disposition along an elongated east-west roofline, sheltering the covered passages to the inner pedestrian road, create a vital public space.

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