BGY Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport: Intermodal Node

Bergamo Airport vision

Bergamo is a fast growing airport, today however, both airside and landside infrastructures are now at the edge of capacity. In particular, landside accessibility suffers from the lack of a last-mile infrastructure, now strongly congested.

Saving resources is the priority in the planning process, which includes financial, energy and environmental considerations.

Greater efficiency in connections between different modes of transport can bring about great economic benefits and improve the quality of life in extended regions, where airports act as access ‘gates’ for long distance travel.

To offer users high level services, with minimal impact to the environment, it is necessary to match long-term vision with short-term actions.

Objectives of the Master plan is the harmonic development of surface accessibility, through the introduction of a dedicated railway link to the airport, thus increasing its catchment area and relieving access road congestion.



The design of the intermodal node includes a railway station, a new vehicular access from the east side and new car parks, allowing the balanced distribution of the airport’s incoming and outgoing flows. The goal of the Master Plan, co-financed by the European Commission, is to promote the intermodality of Bergamo Airport in view of the forecasted traffic growth, keeping sustainability as a key driver.

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