Darfo Bridge

The construction of the new bridge over the river Oglio, part of a project undertaken by the Darfo (BS) Municipality addressing the general reorganization of the road network, fragmented in multiple locations and suburbs and characterized by the presence of the river Oglio, with its bends and high embankments.


The new bridge facilitates connection between the town and sports and leisure centers on the outskirts, as well as for the construction of the first stretch (Lot 1) of the inner ring road.


Careful attention was paid to the natural insertion of the engineering and infrastructural works within Darfo’s scenic panorama, characterized by the Val Camonica Mountains and the historic Montecchio Bridge. The design solution is found in a low arched artifact of Corten steel with river bedded shoulders of triangular shaped reinforced concrete. The new bridge lies across the entire 16 m road width for the presence of a cycle path alongside the roadway.


Completing operations is the construction of 450 m of roads and the construction of two new roundabouts in connection with the existing road system.

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