Doha Red Line North Metro Stations

Preparing Ground

Invited to participate and subsequently awarded the Design & Build tender in 2012, ISG contractors, along with One Works COWI, and Italferr, is preparing ground for seven Red Line North metro stations. 

The new underground network lies within a broader infrastructural framework, and is one of the key constituting elements of Doha's urban and suburban transformation. The seven stations represent, here where the climate is more hostile than elsewhere, focal points and catalysts of urban life, which become vibrant underground plazas. The project aims at obtaining a more rational distribution of pedestrian flows, providing more comfort, and ensuring public safety.


The design respects many characteristics of complex intermodal buildings, where the need to identify specific architectural features must not only comply and satisfy specific functional and design requirements, but respond to the analysis and management of passenger flows.


In this perspective, the work focuses primarily on the stations' public areas, those places that will have a greater influence on the passengers' travel experience. One Works is developing the architectural finishes design, which concerns the definition of the interior and exterior spatial character, aiming to meet Qatar Rail’s goal of offering services that meet the highest international standard.

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