San Donato ENI Corporate University

San Donato, a southeastern suburb of Milan, is a unique company town built, in the last 50 years, by a major oil company (ENI). The availability of large unused sites and areas in transformation, belonging to one single subject, led to an outstanding opportunity to readdress the town's layout and character. Developed, as part of the planning process and management, were a series of detailed masterplans for various clients, ENI Corporate University being one.


Considering the university buildings’ use by students, and guest for brief periods, key project guidelines are the desire to pursue energy efficiency criteria and create a user-friendly facility. The compactness of form reduces energy loss while clear and readable spatial distribution, established in close relationship to the teaching/learning needs, obtain a highly functional distribution. The complex includes 6.500 m2 dedicated to classrooms, 4.000 m2 for auditorium, common spaces, and ancillary services, and 2.000 m2 of offices.