MED Madinah Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport Terminal

A Ceramic Canopy to Admire

Foreshadowing a new airport in the holy city of Madinah, Saudi Arabia is part of a wider renewal program for the overall Saudi airport network on a regional and international scale. Most important is the Hajj pilgrimage, in the specific case of Madinah it should reach the threshold of 8 million passengers a year. 

The current outdated terminal is not able to meet the increasing traffic demand; therefore, the construction of a new terminal at the opposite end of the current runway becomes necessary.


After considering a series of hypothetical locations, the final solution allows for the maximum optimization of supporting infrastructural airport activity. It also permits, in the future, to duplicate the airport's capacity system by developing a mirror image to the main access axis, a second terminal and a second runway. The new terminal spread over a total area of approximately 125.000 m2 consists of two main levels, arrivals on ground floor and departures on the first floor. A mezzanine level handles the boarding and arrivals of passengers by contact type aircrafts.


A vast ceramic modular canopy becomes the new terminal's identifying architectural element, a giant light reflector for the spacious interior volumes. The roof offers a place of shelter to passengers in the Terminal's two principle areas, one dedicated to Pilgrims in visit during the Hajj period. Particular studies focused on passenger flow and their relationship with different subsystems operating on the definition of public spaces, retail areas, and food & beverage stations to ensure high quality standards and appropriate level of service.


The terminal, served in the landside area by the new passenger car park, will in the future have rail connection. A new mosque and an office park complete the master plan.


The project will include, from an aeronautic perspective, improvement works on all airside infrastructures, in particular the construction of the new runway, taxiway, and apron.

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