MXP Milan Malpensa International Airport T2: Retail Area Restyling

Due to the forecasted number growth in passenger transit, Malpensa Terminal 2 is in the process of redefining its facilities’ spatial configuration to guarantee visitors an elevated quality travel experience while maintaining adequate service level standards.


The project focuses mainly on the departure hall and lounges, moving within strong limitations imposed by existing structures, the need to keep the terminal operating for the duration of the work, and the customer’s request to resolve the challenges connected with security gates operations, while redeveloping at the same time commercial activity. Therefore, the relocation of security filters is in an area pushed slightly toward the landside hall. The revised delimitation has enabled a seating area increase for the security check zone and the creation of a broader and better-defined queuing space in correspondence to the gates rearrangement. The positive solution results in having a twofold effect, a significant proportion of commercial units are positioned airside and a true "walk through" area behind the safety control stations achieved.