PSA Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport: Passenger Terminal Refurbishment and Extension

A Pending Project

Galileo Galilei airport is located in close proximity to Pisa's city center, with relevant implications on its development strategies. The significant airport traffic growth requires a series of interventions oriented to both short and long-term periods. 

One Works’ has assisted the Pisa Airport Management for more than 10 years, developing terminal extension and refurbishment projects, designed to be carried out in phases, 24 hours a day, by accelerated procurement procedures, with the terminal in full operation.


The Passenger Terminal capacity, recognized in 2005 as a major constraint for airport development, called for a global expansion intervention. The project foresees an increase in the airport area, from a current 20.700 m2 to 36.500 m2, and envisages a “green airport” designed according to the most advanced concepts of environmental sustainability. The terminal features a covered tree-lined square on the landside front, which largely enjoys natural light and gathers photovoltaic energy from panels located on its roof. This City Gate area revitalizes the existing terminal’s public image, offering a public space accommodating both airport passengers and city residents.




While the project is undergoing the schematic design phase, a series of specific interventions terminated insofar include a new check-in hall, the control gates expansion and a new passenger’s lounge for traveling within Schengen area. One Works coordinated these interventions from the concept design to detailed design and subsequent tender documentation and construction supervision.

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