VRN Verona Valerio Catullo International Airport Passenger Terminal Refurbishment and Extension

The refurbishment works concerning the Villafranca Catullo Airport departure terminal strives, through the optimization and best use of the available space, to reform the facility’s operating subsystems. However, it also answers to an important opportunity to expand the airside commercial offer, consolidate activities on landside, and confer a unique design to the passenger terminal.


The terminal’s most critical problem is evident in the lack of interconnectivity between the existing volumes on the first floor that causes impractical deployment of airport activities and less visibility of services offered to passengers. There is, furthermore, a concentration of all subsystems operating on the ground floor, with space use limitations and a decay in passenger service levels, especially during peak hours. The refurbishment design proposal preconfigures the realization of an upper level “covered bridge” putting in direct relationship the existing volumes. This new building extension is to host relocated security gates, which will allow for an increase in numbers of security control workstations and a capacity increase of any dedicated activity, hence solving problems of possible interference with other airport functions.


The design solution enables, on the one hand, to systemize all Departure Terminal dedicated spaces. On the other hand, it will liberate crucial areas on the ground floor to be devoted, in part, to enlarge boarding areas for Schengen and non-Schengen passengers and, in part, to strengthen the commercial offer. During the entire design phase, the project kept in mind the important factor of site construction. The design solution carefully analyzed, from the operative point of view, the sequential programming of different interventions and respective areas to guarantee full operation of terminal functions for the entire duration of the work.

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