Giulio De Carli presents at 14th International Air Rail Organisation Workshop

26 September 2017, Bergamo, Italy

Managing Partner and Founder, Giulio De Carli, was recently invited to speak at the dedicated International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) Workshop titled ""Bergamo Airport - What Type of Service is Right for you?".


The busy event invites participants to promote best practice to organisations involved in air-rail transport and focuses on a specific aspect of the air-rail business, providing an opportunity for participants to learn from specialists, such as One Works, and to share their expertise and know-how through open discussion.


Giulio shared One Works' expertise on the development of Bergamo International Airport, where we led the intermodality and infrastructure design, and the challenges of connecting the airport to the regional railway network.



More information about our experience at Bergamo International Airport can be found here.


Many thanks to International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) for the invitation.