ONEWORKS presents “Crowded spaces and busy places” at Milano Design Week 2017

31 March 2017, Milan, Italy

From April 4th to 8th, between 10:00 and 20:00, in the heart of the Brera Design District,  ONEWORKS opens their studio doors to present the exhibition “Crowded spaces and Busy Places”.


Aviation, Infrastructure, Retail and Urban Design are the representative sectors of our exhibition.
Designed with great attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of the physical, historical, social, functional and environmental context, each of the presented buildings and facilities host millions of people every year.


From projects currently taking shape in the Gulf, such as the Major Metropolitan Stations and Transport Education Center in Doha and Western and Downtown Stations in Riyadh, through to completed (or near completion) such as the Airport of Bergamo, The CityLife Plaza in Milan and the “Atlantes” Shopping Centre in Tours - the exhibition is able to bring the visitor from the macro scale of a large intervention to the microscale of the singular furniture. 


This exhibition marks the first step on a new path for ONEWORKS as it competes as a truly Global Design and Consultancy that continues to attract young talent that is both curious and fascinated by a type of projects that, by nature and vocation, must be addressed with an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach.


As part of the exhibition, we will be displaying a selection of architectural and design elements that ONEWORKS is currently incorporating into a range of different projects. For example, an extraordinary ceiling made by Atena, an innovative company specialized in false ceilings and external coverings, a bespoke green wall built by  landscape firm Paisà, Peverelli - specialists in design construction and maintenance of green, and IGC Strutture; specialist lighting by designers ERCO. a leader company in the architecture lighting, and Italian manufacturers Atena Lux; as well as bespoke furniture designed by the well known B&B and Magis.



The week presents a unique occasion to see our growing headquarters and to get your fill of good Architecture and Design.